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   UEL Annual Report 2015

UEL AR 2015    
UEL AR 2015

Founded in 1912, United Engineers Limited ("UEL" or the "Company", and together with its group of subsidiaries, the "Group") is one of Singapore's pioneer companies that played an integral role in the country's physical and economic transformation. Building on its early engineering roots, the Group evolved into a dynamic corporation with key business activities in property, engineering and distribution, as well as manufacturing today.
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UE Safety Values OSH Policy 2016

UE Safety Values

23 August 2016
Disposal of Interest in Suzhou Speedling Co., Ltd

12 August 2016
Q2 2016 Financial Statement

11 August 2016
Liquidation of a Joint Venture Company

29 July 2016
Notification of Second Quarter and Half Yearly Results

29 July 2016
Extension of Time to Complete UEL Share Purchase Agreement

27 July 2016
Completion of The Proposed Transaction Relating to the Shares in Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.

26 July 2016
Completion of Disposal of Interests in UE Envirotech Pte. Ltd., UE Asia Pacific (Beijing) Co., Ltd. And Hengyang City Songmu Water Co., Ltd.

01 July 2016
Appointment Of Non-Independent And Non-Executive Director

08 June 2016
Resolution Passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting

01 June 2016
Issue of S$150m in Aggregate Principal Amount of 3.68% P.A. Fixed Rate Notes Due 2021

25 May 2016
Pricing of S$150m in Aggregate Principal Amount of 3.68% P.A. Fixed Rate Notes Due 2021 to be Issued

23 May 2016
Extraordinary/ Special General Meeting :: Voluntary